(Company display) - Huawei AX6 Wifi 6+ 7200Mbps dual-band router [one-year maintenance]
Company display, accessories included, boxed, 99% NEW Dual-band 4x4&4K QAM efficient data transmission Supports one-click Mesh networking on Huawei routers Support NFC function, no need to enter password Total transfer speed 7141 Mbps Built-in 8 signal amplifiers, double wall penetration...
$888.00 $499.00
Sold Out
Huawei Mobile Wifi3 Pro 4G Full Netcom Wifi Egg Portable Router-E5783-836 [1 year warranty]
4G full network | 300Mbps | 12 hours battery life Supports simultaneous access of 32 devices 4G SIM card WIFI 2X2 antenna 2.4Ghz/5Ghz dual-band WIFI 3000mAH Maintenance: The general agent provides "12 months" Hong Kong maintenance WiFi 3 Pro E5783-836...
$699.00 $568.00
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