DAEWOO SG13 Korean Smokeless Grill [Licensed in Hong Kong] - Romantic Purple
Daewoo launches the latest SG13 smokeless grill. It is designed with pink rounded corners. It is compact and practical. It has a note-type panel for temperature adjustment and is easy to operate. The product has a dual smoke-control inner core...
$998.00 $648.00
JNC Air Frying Oven 12L Basic Version JNC-AFO12L-BK [Licensed in Hong Kong]
🌟Air fryer and oven two-in-one🌟Ten preset menu functions: French fries, steak, fish, shrimp, pizza, chicken wings, baking, barbecue, dried fruit, reheating🌟Oil-free grilling and frying technology, better than Traditional frying is healthier🌟90-minute timer, automatic shutdown🌟All accessories can be put into the...
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