SEGWAY NINEBOT D28E 智能電動滑板車 [香港行貨]
最大限度速度約 25 km/h 雙重剎車:電子前鼓式剎車;後電子製動器 續航約28km 10" 內空心輪胎(免維護) 高達 15% 的輕鬆攀登 2.8" LED儀錶盤 防水:IPX4 & 電池IPX6 淨重 約15.3kg 整車:約1143x480x1160mm 充電時間 約5h 最大載重量約120kg 額定能量 375Wh 額定容量 7.6Ah 智能BMS 過壓/欠壓/短路/過流/過溫保護
Segway Ninebot 九號 E2 Pro 10" 智能電動滑板車 [香港行貨]
最大限度速度約 25 km/h 雙重剎車:電子前鼓式剎車;後電子製動器 續航約40 km (15km/h) 10" 內空心輪胎(免維護) 高達 18% 的輕鬆攀登 2.8" LED儀錶盤 防水:IPX4 & 電池IPX6 淨重 約18.8kg 整車:約1070x445x1140mm 充電時間 約5.5h 額定能量 350Wh (max. 750W) 額定容量 7.6Ah RGB 環境燈及方向燈 智能BMS 過壓/欠壓/短路/過流/過溫保護 支援 Apple Find My
SAVEWO DASH "Hong Kong International Version" Electric Scooter [Hong Kong Licensed]
SAVEWO DASH F Portable E-Scooter Portable Electric Scooter (Hong Kong International Version) Original price $2980 Salvation official website special price $2680 -Passed UN17128:2020 PLEV electric personal vehicle certification. -The body adopts a high-aluminum alloy and cast iron composite frame, which...
NINEBOT SEGWAY KICKSCOOTER F2 PRO smart electric scooter [Hong Kong licensed]
Maximum speed is about 25 km/h Theoretical battery life* about 50km Typical range*approximately 40 km The maximum climb is about 22% Motor rated power 450 W Net weight (including battery) about 18.5 kg Charging time is about 8 hours Bell/Horn...
NINEBOT SEGWAY KICKSCOOTER E2 Smart Electric Scooter [Hong Kong Licensed]
Features: Maximum speed approximately 20 km/h (12.4 mph) 2 Brakes: electronic front brake; rear drum brake Range approximately 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) 8.1-inch inner hollow tire (maintenance-free) Up to 12% easier climb 2.8-inch LED instrument panel Waterproof: IPX4 & battery...
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