FeiyuTech Pocket 2-Light Handheld 3-Axis Stabilizer Stabilized 4K Video Action Camera [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: - Split design for ultra-light wear, extension cord to connect handle for monitoring - Magnetic base, can be sucked or buckled, and can be put in place at any time - 130° super wide angle, with ultra wide...
$2,799.00 $2,199.00
3ZeBra MINi fill light folding selfie stick tripod stabilizer [Hong Kong licensed] - black
With the advent of the self-media era, as long as there is a mobile phone, everyone can be a director recording life! There are more and more mobile phone recording and selfie tools on the market, but have you ever...
FeiyuTech SCORP Mini 3-axis shockproof handheld gimbal [Hong Kong licensed] - (4-in-1 gimbal: DSLR/camera/GOPRO/mobile phone)
Four-in-one gimbal: DSLR/camera/GOPRO/mobile phone Product specifications: Product name: Feiyu Scorpion-Mini three-axis camera handheld stabilizer Battery capacity: 2500mAh, built-in non-detachable, supports direct charging from the Type-C charging port below the multi-function knob, supports up to 18W fast charging Working voltage: 6.8V-8.4V...
$2,049.00 $1,999.00
Feiyu SCORP Pro professional camera three-axis stabilizer [Hong Kong licensed]
Feiyu SCORP Pro handheld three-axis gimbal stabilizer is designed for cameras and action cameras. Intuitive controls, including a removable joystick, allow the operator to follow the action, whether shooting handheld or remotely via an external vehicle mount (available separately). A...
$5,180.00 $4,999.00
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