EGO Wiry Max 100W USB 3.0 Type-C to C Cable - 20cm/1m/2m [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: EGO 100W PD Type-C to C cable - 20AWG (20 pure copper wire) Rechargeable and data transfer: Supports Apple fast charging technology - PD3.0 (5V ~ 20V)/ Max.3A: Power and sync Type-C devices up to 500Mbps 38000X Bend...
$88.00 $59.00
EGO Wiry Max Type-C to Lightning MFI PD 60W charging cable (MFI) [Hong Kong licensed]
Product functions/features You have no reason not to buy it!: 1. The only Type-C To Lightning MFI charging cable designed in Hong Kong 2. Hong Kong patent - special super alloy shell connecting cable neck and plug position and approved...
$139.00 $98.00
EGO Wiry Max2 100W C to C real-time speed display charging cable [Hong Kong licensed]
EGO Wiry Max2 100W C to C instant speed display charging cable Model: CCRT2 1. Supports 100W fast charging 2. Support PD, PPS, SCP, AFC, QC4+, QC3 3. Contains EMARK chip 4. Support 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V, 21V 5....
$118.00 $82.00
EGO Wiry Max 240W USB4.0 Type-C to C data cable [Hong Kong licensed]
EGO Wiry Max 240W USB4.0 Type-C to C data cable 1. The world’s top USB4.0 Gen3X2 specifications 2. The only one in the world that supports 240W and 40Gbps data lines 3. Support Thunderbolt3 4. Support MacBook Pro 140W PD...
$198.00 $148.00
Verbatim Tough Max Type-C to Type-C PD 100W Charging Transmission Cable - 30cm/1.2m/2m [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Charging cables have become a necessity in daily life, and a durable charging cable is the best partner for every phone. Verbatim's latest Tough Max Lightning and C charging transmission line series uses DuPont Kevlar Aramid military-grade bulletproof fiber wire...
$88.00 $58.00
XPower PDX4 2in2 60W PD3.0 Aluminum Alloy Transmission Charging Cable - 1M [Licensed in Hong Kong]
PDX4 4-in-1 60W PD3.0 aluminum alloy transmission and charging cable •2-in-2 design: Head: USB-A / TYPE C Tail Type-C/ Lightning •Supports up to 60W PD 3.0 high-speed charging (C>C & C>L) •Supports 18W QC 3.0 fast charging •Supports high-speed file...
$98.00 $88.00
Verbatim Tough Max Type C to Lightning Charging Transmission Cable - Black [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Tough Max Type C to Lightning charging transmission cable Passed Apple MFi certification Support PD 20V/3A fast charging, up to 60W The thread body is reinforced with military-grade bulletproof fiber thread, which is resistant to bending and pulling. Reinforced elastic...
$148.00 $89.00
EGO Wiry Max2 60W Apple certified MFI real-time speed display C to Lightning charging cable [Hong Kong licensed] - black
EGO Wiry Max 60W Apple Certified Instant Speed ​​Display C to Lightning Charging Cable Model: CLRT2 1. Support 60W fast charging 2. Support Apple fast charging PD format 3. Contains Apple original MFI chip 4. Support 5V, 9V, 12V, 20V...
$158.00 $128.00
VERBATIM Tough Max 240W USB4 Type C to Type C charging transmission cable [Hong Kong licensed]
◉Supports USB4, data transmission up to 20Gbps. Compatible with Thunderbolt 3 ◉Built-in E-marker chip, supports PD 3.1 fast charging up to 240W (48VDC/5A) ◉Supports QC 4.0 and QC 3.0 fast charging ◉Support HD video transmission up to 4K/60Hz ◉Reinforced elastic...
$168.00 $138.00
EGO Wiry Max 100W USB3.2 Type-C to C data cable [Hong Kong line]
EGO Wiry Max 100W USB3.2 Type-C to C data cable EGO creates a new generation of C to C data cable based on years of experience to design a convenient and high CP value Type-C cable that is suitable for...
$99.00 $78.00
Verbatim PD 100W Type C to Type C instant display PD charging transmission cable (120cm) [Hong Kong licensed]
✅ Made of DuPont™️ Kevlar®️ reinforced fiber, sturdy and durable ✅ LED displays real-time charging power ✅ Built-in E-Marker chip ✅ Supports PD 3.0 up to 100W fast charging ✅ Supports data transmission up to 480Mbps ✅ Reinforced elastic sheath...
$98.00 $78.00
Verbatim USB 3.2 USB-C to USB-C Charging Transmission Cable - 1M Gray [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Function introduction: Verbatim USB3.2 USB-C to USB-C charging transmission cable adopts the latest USB3.2 specification and provides data transmission up to 20GB/s. In addition to supporting PD charging up to 100W, it also supports QC and Supercharge fast charging. The...
$148.00 $66.00
SUPERV 多功能線材5合1充電線(120CM) cc51【原裝行貨】
SUPERV 多功能線材5合1充電線(120CM) cc51 乜叉都叉到5合1線SUPERV🇭🇰 多功能線材5合1充電線(120CM)Model:cc51⚡可達最高100W極速充電⚡支援PD100W快充3.0協定⚡可同時支援3臺裝置充電⚡電子標記晶片:可以讀取充電狀態以調整電流⚡配有2合1 USB-A/Type-C埠⚡TYPE-C PD Output: Up to 20V/5A, 100W⚡8Pin PD Output : Up to 9V/3A , 27W⚡Wireless Output : Up to 5V/0.5A, 2.5W
MOMAX 1-Link Flow CC X 60W USB-C 充電線 (1.2米) - 白色 [香港行貨]
Momax 旗艦 Flow 系列 - 支援 iPad Pro 或 iPad Air 快速充電。 由Momax設計。 • 採用觸感柔軟的矽膠材質• 線材不易打結容易處理• 使用壽命比普通充電線長 25 倍,經實驗室環境測試• 充電線具有20KG的抗拉強度和25000次的彎曲壽命 矽膠線材 線體採用矽膠材質,觸感柔軟不打結 強效耐用 具有銅線、柔性石墨烯和矽膠的三層設計,比普通充電線耐用 25 倍,實驗室測試,線材具有20KG的抗拉強度和25000次的彎曲壽命。 獨特的外觀設計 將Charge like water; Be in your flow的思想融入充電產品,以水流(Flow)的各種型態定位一種全新設計美學 最高支援60w快充 可為您的設備提供更快的充電速度,最高支援60W的能量全速為手機、平板電腦、部分筆記型電腦等充電 資料傳輸 以高達480Mbps的速度在USB-C設備之間進行資料檔案的傳輸 安全穩定 採用環保UL防火材料,符合USB規範,滿足PD協定要求,確保安全穩定...
BELKIN 100W USB-C TO USB-C charging cable [Hong Kong licensed] - White
Get faster charging, HD video, and fast data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps with our 100W USB-C Power Delivery USB4™ cable, the latest in USB technology. Backwards compatible with USB Type-C cables, including USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt 3....
$169.00 $88.00
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