Future Lab Freezone LX Zero Weight Bag [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
The heavy backpack always weighs you down and makes you breathless? Carrying this zero-weight bag LX designed by Future Lab when you rework or go back to class every day can save you 60% of effort and provide 20% more...
ELEEELS R6 眼部護理按摩儀 [香港行貨]
瞬間提神,舒緩雙眼疲憊:納米蠶絲內襯 - 輕柔親膚、石墨烯恒溫熱敷、氣囊穴位按摩、振擊按摩、180° 全折疊收納 - 氣囊穴位按摩降低眼壓,促進血液循環,緩解壓力,減輕頭痛- 工作或學習一整天後,可以明亮眼睛,改善睡眠質量,緩解壓力和焦慮- 長時間使用智能手機或電腦後,放鬆眼部肌肉- 消除眼部疲勞和浮腫,淡化黑眼圈,預防眼袋 瞬間提神 - 舒緩雙眼疲憊 納米蠶絲內襯輕柔親膚 石墨烯恒溫熱敷 氣囊穴位按摩 振擊按摩 180° 全折疊收納 保持雙眼明亮 納米蠶絲內襯 輕柔親膚、透氣、耐用、穿戴舒適、清潔方便 恒溫熱敷 採用高科技材料石墨烯作為發熱體,內置加熱墊智能調節熱敷溫度38°C - 42°C,促進血液循環 智能按摩氣囊 配備專業設計的智能氣囊,精確按摩不同眼部穴位 四種按摩模式 可以同時體驗石墨烯恒溫熱敷、氣囊穴位按摩和振擊按摩3種效果,配合自然音樂,有效放鬆及舒緩疲勞 - 煥發模式:氣囊穴位按摩 + 石墨烯恒溫熱敷+ 自然音樂 - 舒緩模式:氣囊穴位按摩 + 石墨烯恒溫熱敷 - 睡眠模式:氣囊穴位按摩...
BITPLAY AquaSeal 01 Sacoche Waterproof Snap Bag V2 [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
2023 V2 upgraded version: upgraded waterproof zipper, increased back pocket space SGS certification | IPX7 fully waterproof Double-sided transparent | Touchable transparent bag Snap shot | Fidlock® powerful magnetic quick release The bitplay team focuses on developing 100% truly waterproof...
$699.00 $568.00
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