EGO MagStand Pro2 Semiconductor Cooling Magsafe Charger [Licensed in Hong Kong]
EGO MagStand Pro2 @ Semiconductor Cooling Magsafe Charger EGO gave the title: [World’s fastest Magsafe charger] The industry's first use of diode semiconductor cooling + true 15W Magsafe = the world's fastest Magsafe charging! 1. Diode semiconductor heat dissipation, the...
Shell SJP011 10000mAh 12V / 300A 迷你過江龍專業汽車起動電池 [香港行貨]
蜆殼 SJP011迷你10000 mAh過江龍專業汽車起動電池,電池容量10000mAh鋰電,支持6L汽油車/2L柴油車啟動電源,1W LED照明和SOS燈顯示,旅行包方便攜帶,起動電池輸出12V / 300A(峰值800A),這款 12V 自動電池升壓器具有 10 種內置安全功能,包括火花、反極性、高溫、過流和過壓保護。智能過江龍正負極偵測,綠燈顯示正確連接方可啓動。 保養:  年期: 1年 保養公司: SHELL 香港 產品特色: 支持6L汽油車/2L柴油車啟動電源 1W LED照明和SOS燈顯示 外出旅行袋,方便攜帶 產品規格: 容量 10000毫安 輸出接埠數量 2 支援快充 QC3.0 輸入 Type-C ( 5 V / 3 A) 輸出 USB A 5V3A(最大)...
Shell SL-AC012 Portable Electric Air Pump [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Intelligent electric air pump, automatically stops when full Small size and portable design A must-have companion in the car, always ready to help and cheer you up The best rescue tool for motorcycle travel or cycling around the island 150PSI...
Shell 20000mAh 12V/1000A extra large capacity Guojianglong professional car starter battery (SJP-013) [Hong Kong licensed]
Shell SJP013 mini professional emergency battery, battery capacity 20,000mAh lithium battery, supports 8L gasoline vehicle/3.5L diesel vehicle starting battery, 1W LED lighting and SOS light display, easy to carry in travel bag, starting battery output 12V/1000A (peak 2000A) This The...
Shell 16000mAh 12V 500A Large Capacity Guojianglong Professional Car Starting Battery (SJP-012) [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Shell SJP012 mini professional emergency power supply, battery capacity 16,000mAh lithium battery, supports 7L gasoline vehicle/3L diesel vehicle starting power supply, 1W LED lighting and SOS light display, travel bag is convenient to carry, starting battery output 12V/500A (peak 1200A)...
SHELL SL-AC001JP 4-in-1 rescue power supply and air pump mobile power supply [Hong Kong licensed]
The world's first 4-in-1 car rescue design, including rescue power supply/electric inflator/SOS warning light/10400mAh high-capacity fast-charging mobile power supply, the best rescue partner while driving, multi-functional rescue design, can be used when the vehicle battery is dead The battery emergency...
Lydsto 2-in-1 10Kpa Portable Vacuum Cleaner & 120PSI Cordless Electric Air Pump Vacuum Cleaner [Licensed in Hong Kong]
product specifications Battery capacity: 2500 mAh lithium battery Fan suction power: Maximum 10,000 Pa Battery life: 30min (low range), 15min (high range) Dust cup capacity: 100m L Product size: 54*54*315mm Accessories: extension brush, Type C charging cable
Future lab energy storage inflator [Hong Kong licensed]
FutureLab. develops energy storage inflators with a maximum output pressure of 150 PSI. It is suitable for car tires, bicycle tires, various balls and swimming pool inflatables. It has a super simple operation interface, intelligent sensing tire pressure, provides automatic...
Imazing IM33 jump starter + air pump [Hong Kong licensed]
✅Imazing Powerful Car Starter: Peak current is 1500A, can start (up to 7.0 liters of gasoline or 6.5 liters of diesel) 12V. Fully rechargeable up to 30 times. ✅Safety protection: This indicator light clip has 8 advanced safety protection technologies...
$899.00 $849.00
Lydsto 10Kpa 3-in-1 10000mAh Cordless Emergency Power Vacuum Cleaner [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Product specifications: Battery capacity: 37Wh, 10,000mAh lithium battery Fan suction power: 10Kpa Battery life: 50mins (low range), 25mins (high range) Dust cup capacity: 100m L Product size: 55*55*316mm Accessories: extension brush, Type C charging cable Battery capacity: 37Wh, 10,000mAh lithium...
$798.00 $648.00
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