Double Clean Cordless Wet and Dry Electric Fabric Cleaner 2.0 Pro [Licensed in Hong Kong]
【Features】 1. Post-water spray design allows water spraying, brushing, and water absorption to be completed in one step, making efficient and time-consuming cleaning. 2. Wireless and portable + 1.7-meter long duct + 35 minutes of battery life, realizing multi-purpose whole-house...
Oneisall S1 Pet Grooming Vacuum Hair Cleaner [Licensed in Hong Kong]
The hair of cats and dogs flies everywhere, especially when the dogs are shedding, and every corner of the house is full of fur? The multi-functional hair suction device launched by Oneisall, a pet products research and development brand, can...
Neabot Neakasa F1 寵物 7600rpm 風乾機 風速和溫度控制 62m/s [香港行貨]
8分鐘快速狗烘乾 只有1.2磅超輕量級 ​每種寵物風格的3個噴嘴 比其他狗烘乾機安靜20% NTC智慧溫度控制
Neakasa - NEABOT P2 Pro 五合一寵物剃毛美容機
產品介紹 Neakasa 前身為Neabot P2 Pro 五合一寵物剃毛美容儀,有剃刀、打薄梳、針梳、清潔刷、扁吸頭等多種配件,剃毛或者梳毛的同時可以吸毛,令寵物毛髮不再成屋都是!就算是剃毛新手,安全剃刀也能安心使用。還有其他吸頭可以將機器化身為吸塵機,簡直是一物多用! 真空安全電剪 四款長度刀頭任你選擇,陶瓷安全刀頭不傷肌膚,剃毛同時吸入毛髮 舒適打薄梳 輕輕梳理,減少厚重的多於毛髮,安全有效的清理浮毛,褪下不必要的毛躁 伸縮按摩針梳 圓角按摩梳設計不傷肌膚,理毛同時按摩 一邊按摩還能一邊梳毛,輕輕一按,梳下的糾結毛髮一次吸進集毛盒 亮麗清潔刷 養毛小孩的主人們都一定知道,身上及家中總是會殘留寵物毛髮 結合織品專用細毛的清潔刷,無論衣服或織品,都能清理乾淨,輕鬆打掃沙發、床鋪 多功能吸頭 遺漏的毛髮,用多功能吸頭一次吸進集毛盒,清潔家中縫隙角落,不放過任何毛髮  保養: 總代理提供1年香港保養   產品特點: 主機尺寸:365*268*208mm 吸力:10500kpa 最大噪音:≤74dBA 軟管長度:1.5m 淨重:2.5KG 保養: 1年
$1,098.00 $998.00
EUFY Pet T7240 Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Easily cleans the paws of medium to large dogs in just 20 seconds The brush uses soft silicone to safely clean your dog’s dirty paws Start the device with one click IPX5 waterproof performance One charge lasts about two weeks...
$498.00 $408.00
Double Clean pet hair particle adsorption air purifier [Hong Kong licensed]
The four-layer progressive filter removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in the air. Medical grade UV lamp + photocatalyst, 4D sterilization without leaving any trace. Built-in negative ion generator freshens the ambient air. characteristic︰ Super strong wind...
Neabot P1 Pro 5-in-1 pet shaving and grooming device [Hong Kong licensed product]
【All-in-one Professional Grooming】This pet grooming clipper comes with 5 proven tools: grooming brush and deshedding brush, electric clipper, nozzle head and cleaning brush can be used to collect pet drops on carpets, sofas and floors Hair. 【Vacuum Pet Grooming Kit】:...
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Eufy Pet Dog Camera D605 1080p Dog Video Camera (T7200)
1080p resolution combined with a 170° wide-angle lens makes the picture clearer and more comprehensive; the lens can be rotated 270° and provides three distances for feeding, and two-way dialogue to increase fun and interactivity with pets; AI pet recognition...
$1,899.00 $1,538.00
EUFY Security EufyCam Solo Pro (SoloCam E40) All-in-One Security Camera-T8131121 [Hong Kong Licensed]
Security made simple. That's what SoloCam is all about. 100% wireless so you can install it anywhere you want in minutes. No hidden fees. Every detail counts: See the difference with 2K resolution and focus on what's going on outside...
$1,199.00 $1,099.00
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