HYUNDAI HY-2200W Instant Hot Water Dispenser - Black [Hong Kong Licensed]
Hyundai instant hot water dispenser HY-2200W heats up quickly in just 3 seconds, and hot water is ready at any time product description: 3L large capacity water tank, enough for the whole family to drink It heats quickly in just...
Japan Yohome RO Water Purification Trace Element Smart Temperature Control Direct Drinking Water Dispenser 2.0 Pro [Hong Kong Licensed]
Water tank upgrade to 5L: enough water for a family of 5-6 people to drink per day 💧 Filter element upgrade: 1 piece is used for 5 pieces, achieving 5 levels of filtration, easy to replace 💧 Filters 0.0001 impurities,...
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HYUNDAI HY-2220E 2.7L dual filter element design instant hot water machine [Hong Kong licensed]
1) Product capacity: 2.7L 2) Five flow rates: continuous water output/100ml/200ml/300ml/400ml 3) Seven temperatures: normal temperature/45°C/65°C/85°C/100°C 4) Milk powder function, optional temperature: 40°C/55°C/70°C 5) Optional flow rate: 60ml/90ml/120ml/180ml/240ml 6) Coffee function, optional flow rate: 150ml/300ml 7) Removable spout for easy...
$1,099.00 $929.00
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Hayaku Moon 4L instant hot water purifier [Hong Kong licensed]
No installation required | Home water filtration | Heats in 3 seconds | 9 temperatures | 6 modes | ✅Effectively filter harmful substances such as chlorine, lead, chromium and so on ✅Ion resin filter layer softens water quality, reduces scale...
$1,588.00 $728.00
Sanki SK-IP430A 4L Instant Heating Smart Water Dispenser [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Product Features: Innovative titanium alloy heating technology 3rd generation siphon technology quickly collects water 4 L separate water tank design No need to preheat or keep warm, just 5 seconds, the cold water can be heated to 100℃ instantly Stay...
$1,299.00 $1,288.00
Future Lab Pure F2 instant hot water dispenser is licensed in Hong Kong [licensed in Hong Kong]
Do you have to wait a long time every time you want to drink hot water? Will there be any smell if it is pre-heated? Pure F2, a direct-drink instant heating machine launched by Taiwanese brand Future Lab, is designed...
$1,299.00 $999.00
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