SMARTCOBY PRO 30W 10000mAh external charger [Hong Kong licensed] - black
*I’m really brave enough to say: the finest 10000mAh external charger in Hong Kong* SMARTCOBY PRO 30W 10000mAh external charger🛡 ✅ 10000mAh 30W ✅ PD Type-C input ✅ PD, QC4+, PPS output ✅ QC3.0, SCP, S- VOOC output ✅ Battery...
$298.00 $185.00
EGO Wiry Max 100W USB 3.0 Type-C to C Cable - 20cm/1m/2m [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: EGO 100W PD Type-C to C cable - 20AWG (20 pure copper wire) Rechargeable and data transfer: Supports Apple fast charging technology - PD3.0 (5V ~ 20V)/ Max.3A: Power and sync Type-C devices up to 500Mbps 38000X Bend...
$88.00 $59.00
EGO Wiry Max Type-C to Lightning MFI PD 60W charging cable (MFI) [Hong Kong licensed]
Product functions/features You have no reason not to buy it!: 1. The only Type-C To Lightning MFI charging cable designed in Hong Kong 2. Hong Kong patent - special super alloy shell connecting cable neck and plug position and approved...
$139.00 $98.00
EGO EXINNO 120W GaN EX120 Real-time Output Display Six-Output USB Charger [Licensed in Hong Kong]
1.Supports all fast charging formats (including the unannounced QC5+) 2. Real-time display of the W output of each hole 3. Real-time display of fast charging mode or not 4. Simultaneous six-hole full fast charging + six independent fast charging chips...
$699.00 $499.00
EGO 3in1 MAGPAD2 Magsafe charger [Hong Kong licensed] - black
EGO 3in1 MAGPAD Magsafe charger The thinnest, thinnest and lightest 3-in-1 bucket in history! Designed specifically for APPLE users, it can quickly wirelessly charge the latest Apple Watch3~8, U, Airpods2~3/Pro, iPhone 8~14. Name : EGO 3 in 1 MAGPAD2 Executive...
$238.00 $189.00
XPower M10K 2合1鋁合金數顯 10000mAh PD3.0+磁吸無線外置充電器 [香港行貨]
M10K 2合1鋁合金數顯 10000mAh PD3.0+磁吸無線外置充電器 •採用石墨烯散熱技術 •2輸出: MagSafe無線充(15W) / Type-C(20W PD 3.0) • 支援Qi2 無線充電標準新規範 •可快充iPhone15, Plus, Pro及Pro Max等,支援iOS電量顯示  •Type-C 20W PD 3.0輸入及輸出 •不虛標真10000mAh 100%純鈷電池電池 •僅重175g及超薄12mm,迷你體積,輕巧便攜 •102mm完美Fit位,不凸出、不擋鏡頭 •N54強力釹磁鐵,150%加強吸力 •超方便一啪即充 •CNC切割機身,備有電鍍PVD及磨砂氧化鋁合金2款物料 •LED電量顯示 •附送同色系60W鋁合金Type-C線 •安全認證: CE,FCC,ROHS,IEC62368-1 •安全保護裝置: 短路/過充/過放/過熱/過流保護 •尺寸: 102 x 68 x 12(mm) &...
EGO MAGPOWER Gen.4 10000mAh magsafe power bank [Hong Kong licensed]
EGO MAGPOWER Gen.4 graphene 10000mAh magsafe power bank The 4th generation Magpower mobile power bank sets the thinnest record! Graphene cobalt battery energy density 792WH/L More compact than TESLA 2023 car battery 750WH/L! 1. 12mm ultra-thin body, the thinnest part...
EGO AllyDelivery 3S @Magsafe 10000mAh 6合1 移動電源 [香港行貨]
AllyDelivery 3S @Magsafe 10000mAh 6合1 移動電源 EGO賦予 AllyDelivery 稱號產品, 必定為最完美便攜外置電. 第3代 Slim 版 更加縮小體積16% , 再加入支架及手錶充 6合1功能. 不但手感提升,更加全能! 0. 今代新增20W PD 輸出/輸入 C插口1. 內置Lightning 線, Type c 線 可以輸出PD快充2. 內置線 升級 尼龍編織, 耐用度+200%3. Magsafe 無線充4. LED 顯示電量,快充模式,無線充狀態5. 同時充本機 +輸出充3部設備6. 支援3W...
$388.00 $299.00
EGO EXINNO+ 300W Instant Speed ​​Display 6USB Charger [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
EGO EXINNO+ 300W is here! Surpass yourself, only EXINNO can   The EGO Research Laboratory collected the opinions of various users and revised it for 3 years to create the most perfect USB charger. The latest version in August 2023:...
$1,129.00 $879.00
EGO MAGPOWER Gen.4.1 10000mAh magsafe power bank [Hong Kong licensed] - space gray
EGO MAGPOWER Gen.4.1 10000mAh magsafe power bank "Beyond EGO, only EGO" specially designed for iPhone 15 The 4.1 generation has shortened the length from 104MM to 102MM, and narrowed the width by 2MM to 66MM to perfectly fit the iPhone...
$388.00 $279.00
Verbatim 4 Port 130W PD 3.0 & QC 3.0 GaN USB Charger [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Latest “GaN” technology, smaller, more powerful Supports PD 3.0, QC 3.0 and SuperCharge fast charging Equipped with 3 Type-C PD ports and 1 USB-A QC 3.0/SuperCharge port, it can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously Type-C PD1 and PD2 ports...
$428.00 $355.00
EGO MAGPOWER Gen.4U 10000mAh magsafe 移動電源 [香港行貨]
EGO MAGPOWER Gen.4U 10000mAh magsafe 移動電源 2024年 在MagPower Gen.4S 世界最細機身基礎上,增加一層超薄5W 快充手錶模組,並外圈上金屬支架, 而且還與所有IPHONE系列兼容,不凸出手機 還加入了QI2標準, 溫度更低,而且即時IOS聯動更新電量! 1. 支援5W 手錶快充, 60分鐘充60%電。 2. 支援QI2標準, 溫度更低,而且即時IOS聯動更新電量! 3. 最長處只有102mm, 適合所有iPhone系列!  4. 世界最薄 邊緣10MM~12MM機身, 加手錶模組15MM總厚度 5. 手感與Gen.4S的12mm厚度無異 6. 支架175度開合,無極調較。 7. N54 釹磁鐵, 超強磁力! 8. LED電量,充電狀況顯示。 9. IOS聯動,不需按鍵自動偵測充電。可以插線PD快充,不開啟無線充。...
VERBATIM 5000mAh磁吸無線流動充電池 [香港行貨] - grey
◉支援有線及無線輸出,可同時為2部設備充電◉支援MagSafe磁吸無線充電高達15W◉支援Type C PD 3.0輸出高達20W◉支援直通電源,可同時輸入及輸出電源◉優質鋁製外殼,僅重122g 支援有線及無線輸出介面 Verbatim 5000mAh磁吸無線流動充電池支援有線及無線2種輸出,包括1個MagSafe充電面板及1個Type C PD 3.0輸出端口,可同時為2部兼容的設備進行充電,最高總輸出為20W。 支援直通電源 磁吸無線充電池支援直通電源,支援同時輸入及輸出電源。當無線充為您的手機充電的同時,亦可不間斷地為充電池補充電力。將它放於辦公室、床頭櫃、家中或任何有插座的地方,即可提供快速、強大、無線充電,或作為便攜式行動電源,隨時輕鬆充電。 支援MagSafe無線充電 磁吸無線充電池提供雙重充電功能,既是兼容MagSafe的無線充電器,也可作為5000mAh流動充使用。通過MagSafe充電板,支援5W、7.5W、10W或15W無線充電輸出 (視乎手機型號)。 支援Type C PD 3.0快充 磁吸無線充電池集便攜與實用於一身。單獨使用時,Type C PD 3.0端口支援最大20W輸出。 輕巧優質鋁製外殼 充電池以優質鋁製外殼打造,安全耐用,亦更顯格調。產品結合了時尚的設計和輕巧的體積,僅重122g,極致輕便。隨包裝提供一個金屬環,可以黏貼在其他品牌的手機上,便可使用與MagSafe相近的磁吸無線充電功能。 規格: 輸入:Type C (PD 3.0) - 5Vdc/3A, 9Vdc/2A (最大18W) 輸出:Type C (PD 3.0) - 5Vdc/3A,...
$199.00 $158.00
EGO Wiry Max 240W USB4.0 Type-C to C data cable [Hong Kong licensed]
EGO Wiry Max 240W USB4.0 Type-C to C data cable 1. The world’s top USB4.0 Gen3X2 specifications 2. The only one in the world that supports 240W and 40Gbps data lines 3. Support Thunderbolt3 4. Support MacBook Pro 140W PD...
$198.00 $168.00
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EGO Superior GaN 65W 3-Output Small USB Charger [Licensed in Hong Kong]
EGO Superior GaN charger supports PD3.0/PPS/QC4+/QC3.0/VOOC/SCP/AFC, and is equipped with 2 USB-C outputs and 1 USB-A output, making it convenient for users to charge 3 devices at the same time. Supports maximum 65W USB-C PD output and maximum 22.5W USB-A...
$329.00 $278.00
Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ PRO MagSafe 15W 3-in-1 Wireless Charger - Black - WIZ009MYBK [Licensed in Hong Kong] - Black - WIZ009MYBK
Product overview Can charge three devices at once (iPhone 12 series phones, Apple Watch and AirPods) Wireless charging speed up to 15W Smooth MagSafe wireless charging experience Design inspired by architecture Charge in any direction LED light indicates correct and...
$1,088.00 $879.00
XPower XPowerPro GX200 GAN Fast Charging Fire Bull [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Up to 200W high-speed output; 100W PD 3.0 & PPS, 22.5W SCP & 18W QC 3.0; built-in GaN chip to reduce size and increase performance; short circuit/overcharge/overheating/overcurrent protection. GX200 200W smart charger •High-speed output up to 200W •100W PD 3.0...
$699.00 $399.00
Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE™ 3-in-1 Wireless Charger for iPhone + Apple Watch + AirPods - WIZ001MYBK - Black [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: In Stock - Same Day Shipping The Belkin BOOST↑Charge 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand can wirelessly charge your Apple devices, making it convenient for you to use while sleeping and perfect for placing on your bedside table. The 7.5W...
$799.00 $699.00
EGO HYPER² 20K 20000mAh 130W PD 行動電源 [香港行貨]
EGO HYPER² 20K 20000mAh 130W PD Powerbank 1.支援多口同時輸出快充 100W +30W 2.支援一邊輸入100W ,一邊輸出快充30W 3.電量顯示 4. 充電速度顯示 5. 切換不同輸出口顯示 6. 小電流模式 ( 耳機,手錶,風扇仔) 支援DJI Mavic 電池管家45W 支援Macbook Pro  100W 支援 iPhone 14  30W 支援iPad Pro 40W 支援 Switch TV MODE 45W 支援...
$558.00 $488.00
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Infinity T3 Qi 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand Black IN-T3-BK [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Three functions in one, can Qi charge Apple mobile phones, headphones and watches at the same time Instantly wirelessly charge Qi phones, even with cases Supports fast charging input charging, Designed by top Japanese designers, showing trend and fashion Intelligent...
$329.00 $150.00
XPower M10C 10000mah 3-in-1 magnetic wireless fast charging + PD 3.0 external charger [Hong Kong licensed] - black
XPower M10C 3-in-1 magnetic wireless fast charging + PD 3.0 external charger •3 charging methods: Magnetic wireless fast charging (15W) / Type-C socket (20W PD 3.0) / Built-in cable (5V/3A) •2-in-1 built-in cable: Type-C + Lightning •Chargeable iPhone13, Pro &...
$328.00 $268.00
BELKIN BOOST↑CHARGE™ 15W Dual Wireless Charging Pad - Black - WIZ008MYBK [Licensed in Hong Kong]
2-in-1 wireless charging solution Fast wireless charging up to 15W Most lightweight protective cases can be charged with the case attached Qi certified for security Anti-slip design ensures stable placement of the phone LED indicators ensure correct and safe charging...
EGO MAGPOWER 3.1 generation 6000mAH Magsafe power bank [Hong Kong licensed] - matte glitter pink black
MagPower Generation 3.1: 3.1 generation optimization features: 1. Add Lightning cable input interface. (No need to bring 2 more lines) 2. The power conversion rate is as high as 70% 3. Reduce calorific value by 10% 4. Add a stand...
$278.00 $158.00
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EGO Hyper 20K 20000mAh 130W PD external charger [Hong Kong licensed]
Product Description: Supports multi-port simultaneous output fast charging 100W +30W Supports fast charging while inputting and outputting at the same time Supports DJI Mavic Battery Manager 45W Support Macbook Pro 100W Support iPhone 12 26W Support iPad Pro 35W Support...
$499.00 $299.00

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