PHILIPS 66251 Gadwall II 智能護眼檯燈 [香港行貨]
檯夾兩用設計 無可視閃頻,保護眼睛 自動亮度調節 還原真實色彩 自動關燈 材質: 燈體塑膠 / 燈臂鋁擠 色溫 : 2700k / 6500K / 4000k 淨重: 3.3kg 整燈功率 : 13.5W 夾式:L408 * W400 * H500 mm 台式:L410 * W400 * H428 mm 13.5W 保養: 保養年期: 2年 保養公司: PHILIPS 香港...
$980.00 $829.00
Future Lab COLD WHITE Cold Light White Teeth Electric Toothbrush [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
With the cleaning power of a dentist, it can easily remove dirt and tartar that are difficult to remove with a regular toothbrush. Medical-grade polishing effect helps you whiten your teeth while brushing UV sterilization and whitening cap emits ultraviolet...
PHILIPS 66159 A5 LED Flagship A5 Smart Eye Protection Desk Lamp [Licensed in Hong Kong]
120cm ultra wide lighting Unique 3D eye protection technology Crystal Diamond Honeycomb Optical Technology Highly restore the natural original color of objects No blue light Extra long lamp arm with five-axis omnidirectional rotation Maintenance: PHILIPS provides 2 years of Hong...
Future Lab Nion 2 Water Ion Perming Comb (Second Generation) - Special Limited Color - Lavender Purple [Hong Kong Licensed]
Water ion perm comb 2.0 has a new built-in styling clip that can be used to target local hair styles🙎🏻‍♂️ to achieve the most precise styling. Compared with the first generation of negative ions, 2.0 is equipped with left water...
$359.00 $319.00
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JNC Nano Combo Nano Steam Iron [Licensed in Hong Kong] - Purple
Friends who travel on business know that it is not easy to keep a suit jacket straight. Put it in a Garment bag and put it flat in your suitcase. You need to iron it before wearing it to make...
$795.00 $598.00
Philips 66156 Darwin LED Eye Protection Table Lamp [Licensed in Hong Kong]
The light-emitting surface is uniform and bright Blue light hazard RG0 exemption level Color rendering index >90 Automatic brightness adjustment Product specifications: Light formula standard: Shushiguang No blue light hazard No visible flicker, protect your eyes Color rendering index (actual...
$980.00 $799.00
Yohome Japanese upright smart safe storage trailer [Hong Kong licensed product]
The tower-type safety mopping board is indispensable for every house. One can hold four, and can be used on all sides. The wires are flexible and retractable, and the maximum power is 3250W. feature of product Holds 9 UK plugs,...
$269.00 $250.00
American Dr.Parent CES mini drug-free insomnia and anxiety treatment device [Licensed in Hong Kong]
1. Effective guarantee: CES transcranial therapy originated from the United States can deeply help sleep, relieve anxiety and depression, rejuvenate, and help relieve neurasthenia. According to CES laboratory research, after five CES therapy treatments, the pleasant alpha waves in the...
$599.00 $489.00
PHILIPS 66136 Einstein flagship LED AA grade eye protection table lamp [Hong Kong licensed]
Super curvature honeycomb anti-glare design; AA level light effect Regular rest reminder, delayed lights out Supports intelligent photosensitivity and automatically adjusts brightness according to surrounding brightness High color rendering up to 95 Design and appearance color space gray Other features/accessories...
$1,280.00 $899.00
Double Clean Zero Consumables Mobile Air Virus Purifier [Licensed in Hong Kong]
㊙One machine purifies the air in the whole house🌳The air is as fresh as the forest🌈🌈 ㊙Effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors, smoke, pollen, mold, pet dander Detailed introduction: 1. Using electronic filter technology, it has strong adsorption, super energy saving,...
$399.00 $338.00
NEWEDO American light touch instant heat garment steam iron [Hong Kong licensed product]
Triple boosted heating patented technology: the vaporized molecules are denser and faster to remove wrinkles, save water and have a longer battery life, so the clothes won’t get wet when ironed and can be ironed and worn immediately. Rapid preheating...
$369.00 $339.00
Cyber ​​Clean All-round Magic Cleaning Soft Gel 80g
Cyber ​​Clean® Magic Cleaning Soft Glue is a new cleaning product developed in Switzerland. It has unique viscosity, so that the cleaning soft glue can absorb dust and dirt, sterilize simultaneously, and leave no traces. This is not something that...
American Omiebox hot and cold three-layer leak-proof lunch box V2 - Purple
American Omiebox hot and cold-proof leak-proof lunch box V2 has a new series of colors feature of product Helping you pack a wider variety of healthier lunches. Keep hot and cold food in the same box. Perfect for sandwiches, soups...
Future Lab 6S Hand and Foot Grinder [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Future Lab, a Taiwanese technology lifestyle brand, has launched a hand and foot polisher 6S designed to rejuvenate the skin of hands and feet. It uses a high-speed turbine motor with a speed of up to 2500 rpm to grind,...
VFORMULA Foldable Smart Thermostatic Puppy Massage Foot Bath [Licensed in Hong Kong] - 白
💡Constant temperature massage, 41℃ 43℃ 45℃ three temperature options (unique to remote control version) 💡Folding design, only 11.8cm high after folding 💡Foot hydrotherapy, bubble massage, unique infrared physiotherapy effect 💡DSP heating technology, water and electricity separation, safe foot bath 💡Independent...
家の逸 日本 Yohome 輕感旋轉多用3秒即熱即平煥新掛燙機 [香港行貨]
1.三重增壓發熱專利技術:氣化分子更綿密快速除皺,節水續航時間更長,熨衣不滴水不濕衣即熨即穿。 2.大功率1200W,10-15s疾速預熱,出汽更快不久等,氣量更大厚衣也可輕鬆熨。 3.不挑衣物:內置恆溫溫控器,120℃恒溫蒸汽,適用各種材質衣物且不傷衣。 4.輕便小巧,460g(不含電源線),是主流掛燙機重量的一半,人體工學設計,手持不累。 5.熨燙頭可順時針旋轉90°(I型和T型),T型適合平燙場景,I型適合掛燙場景;可旋轉也更便攜、收納不占空間。 6.大水箱(相比前代產品)可拆卸、立式設計,使用更便捷。 7.超載自動熔斷保護,溫度過高自動斷電,雙重保護更安全。 8.贈送 ①隔熱貼(可撕下清洗後重複使用),自行選擇使用以防燙傷;②真空吸盤掛鉤:方便差旅時掛衣進行熨燙。 9.刪繁就簡,一鍵出汽,無需長按。 規格: 產品保養:香港行貨,1年保養,香港英式插頭 產品產地:日本品牌,中國製造 材質:ABS、PC、鋁合金 淨重:600g (含電源線) 產品尺寸:77*60*243mm 熨燙面板面積:7200㎜² 水箱體積:90ml 輸入電壓 :AC230V 功率:1200W 配件內容:說明書、防燙硅膠貼*2、真空吸盤掛鉤*1、绒布袋*1
Cyber ​​Clean All-Round Magic Cleaning Soft Gel (80g) - 3 pack
Cyber ​​Clean® Magic Cleaning Soft Glue is a new cleaning product developed in Switzerland. It has unique viscosity, so that the cleaning soft glue can absorb dust and dirt, sterilize simultaneously, and leave no traces. This is not something that...
NAGUALEP household three-in-one food waste machine 2.0 [Hong Kong licensed]
There are 3,353 tons of food waste in Hong Kong every year. Burning it will cause serious damage to the environment🪵. If food waste is not properly handled, it will breed mosquitoes and flies, causing infectious diseases😷. If every household...
ProUser Espresso dedicated portable coffee machine [Hong Kong licensed]
ProUser espresso - Portable espresso machine, aerosol foam infusion pump pressure: 8-12 bar, suitable for travel and long voyages, one-button operation can make hot coffee or iced coffee anytime and anywhere.  ProUser espresso - portable espresso machine Aerosol oil...
$998.00 $958.00
JNC Constant Temperature Electric Heating Pad (Single) Deluxe Edition (9-segment heat control/automatic stop time system) JNC-EBKSD9 [Hong Kong licensed]
9-segment temperature control; can be put into the machine for cleaning; 9-hour timer and automatic shutdown function; detachable LED digital controller; overheating power-off and thermal current protection equipment, double protection and extra safety. 9-stage temperature control Machine washable 9-hour timer...
$498.00 $399.00
DEAR.MIN Extreme Sleep Fit Neck Support Anti-Snoring Pillow [Licensed in Hong Kong]
1. Unique patented design, 4-point support for head, neck, shoulders and arms, effectively relaxes muscles, eliminates shoulder, neck and back pain, and helps fall asleep quickly. 2. The three-dimensional side design keeps the center of gravity of the head, neck,...
$419.00 $399.00
DEAR.MIN Zero Pressure Adjustable Thoughtful Deep Sleeping Pillow (Special for Sensitive Sleepers) [Licensed in Hong Kong]
1. Ergonomic support ①The curvature of the two sides is an inverted C, which perfectly fits the curve and has strong supporting force. It not only protects the cervical spine, but also further improves the quality of sleep. ② A...
PHILIPS 66168 VDTMate LED aluminum grade AA professional eye protection desk pupil lamp [Licensed in Hong Kong] - White
○ AA-level light effect and asymmetric optical design direct uniform light to the working and reading areas ○ Shuttle knob design supports stepless dimming and color temperature functions, supplemented by simple touch buttons to increase convenience of use ○ 3D...
$1,880.00 $1,599.00

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