JNC 0.5 HP Portable Mobile Air Conditioner [Licensed in Hong Kong]
The cooling effect reaches household grade 0.5 HP. This is a small air conditioner. Warm air comes out from the back of the air conditioner. The air conditioner is equipped with a drainage pipe. Portable mobile air conditioner, you can...
$2,888.00 $2,680.00
JNC 1 mobile air conditioner [Hong Kong licensed]
Rapid refrigeration, compressor cooling; 24-hour timer function; Drainage-free, water atomization technology; Independent dehumidification, the air is clean and refreshing; Remote control and WIFI operation, control at will; Healthy and clean, negative ion purification; Equipped with window exhaust assembly
$3,299.00 $3,280.00
JNC double-head induction cooker (built-in/stand-mounted) [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Features Power up to 2800W, intelligent power distribution between stoves Heat-resistant glass-ceramic panel Touch control panel and digital display 9 levels of firepower options Overheating protection and pot detection Child lock to avoid accidental pressing Secondary Energy Label product specifications...
JNC 2200W electric ceramic stove [Hong Kong licensed]
Rapid heating - IR heating technology heats up instantly without radiation. Double-ring heating - uniform heat conduction, energy saving and environmental protection 3 preset cooking modes - stir-fry, grill, and soup Don’t choose kitchen utensils - stainless steel pots, iron...
JNC Constant Temperature Electric Heating Pad (Single) Deluxe Edition (9-segment heat control/automatic stop time system) JNC-EBKSD9 [Hong Kong licensed]
9-segment temperature control; can be put into the machine for cleaning; 9-hour timer and automatic shutdown function; detachable LED digital controller; overheating power-off and thermal current protection equipment, double protection and extra safety. 9-stage temperature control Machine washable 9-hour timer...
$498.00 $399.00
JNC Silent Circulation Fan (6 inches) [Licensed in Hong Kong]
- Improve air circulation - 90° manual adjustment angle - Three levels of wind speed - Desktop/wall-mounted dual use - Quiet operation without disturbing sleep - Removable front cover for easy cleaning - USB Type-C charging
$298.00 $138.00
JNC Air Frying Oven 12L Basic Version JNC-AFO12L-BK [Licensed in Hong Kong]
🌟Air fryer and oven two-in-one🌟Ten preset menu functions: French fries, steak, fish, shrimp, pizza, chicken wings, baking, barbecue, dried fruit, reheating🌟Oil-free grilling and frying technology, better than Traditional frying is healthier🌟90-minute timer, automatic shutdown🌟All accessories can be put into the...
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