Evapolar EvaChill EV-500 Third Generation Small Personal Mobile Air Conditioner - White [Licensed in Hong Kong]
The third generation of Evapolar small mobile air conditioner is a smart, compact, portable, wireless and movable energy-saving air conditioner plus air freshener! The air conditioner uses the principle of natural evaporative cooling to evaporate water into water vapor, so...
$699.00 $598.00
Sold Out
HAYAKU Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Automatic Turbine Washer|Smart dishwashing and laundry [Hong Kong licensed]
Detailed introduction: 30 minutes of intelligent cleaning, automatic power off Switch the direction of rotation every 15 seconds. Clean stains from multiple angles 24W high power speed Four different washing modes can be switched Ultrasonic high-frequency technology vibrates away deep-seated...
$299.00 $249.00
BREO Scalp Mini Pro Scalp Massager [Hong Kong licensed]
Aerospace carbon fiber texture, luxury-grade craftsmanship. 96 massage contacts, 4 wheels of kneading, and 850mm infrared light wave activation, deeply stimulating scalp cell vitality, stabilizing hair roots, effectively relaxing and soothing tired muscles, and promoting metabolism and blood circulation. 7...
Booster Microbot Super Mini Head Warming Massage Gun [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
【Features】 ⭐ The entire body is only 132mm long, 24mm shorter than iPhone 13 Pro (11mm shorter than the old Pokebot) ⭐ Floating motor suspension and double-bearing transmission structure make it quieter during use ⭐ Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy...
BREO INeck 3 Pro Massager [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: Simple and portable, three-dimensional ring-neck massage, 200-degree ring-neck relaxation and enjoyment, simulated human finger pressure, constant temperature hot compress, intelligent high-tech design The innovative 3D ring-neck massage design of iNeck 3Pro brings you a one-stop massage targeted at...
$1,980.00 $1,599.00
BREO iSee M Eye Massager [Licensed in Hong Kong]
As a brand new member of the iSee family, iSee M brings you a customized massage experience with a foldable and portable body. The APP's newly designed smart massage air bag combines with comfortable constant temperature hot compress to fully...
$1,242.00 $1,128.00
BREO iDream 5S smart head massager [Hong Kong licensed]
The body adopts a detachable design, and the head circumference can be adjusted with one click. It can be controlled through the mobile phone APP to adjust the massage method and intensity anytime and anywhere/ The smart APP is simple...
$3,799.00 $3,188.00
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