• If the product is found to have factory defects after inspection, customers can exchange the product for the same model within seven days (except for some designated brands and accessories). Customers must bring the goods to the store for inspection and replacement. The arrangement and process of product maintenance will depend on the brand agent
  • Each purchase can only be returned or exchanged once. If the replaced product is not in stock, the customer can exchange it for another product of equal value.
  • Home appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., some of which require installation or maintenance, and brand owners or agents have designated inspection and follow-up procedures;
  • All mobile phone products after sale must be submitted to the brand owner or agent for inspection if they are artificially damaged or/and cannot be started for use or/and the display screen fails to display the IMEI/Serial No. that matches the relevant invoice or/and receipt information. and maintenance
  • When exchanging goods, customers must present valid invoices, receipts, and unfilled warranty forms . The product must be packaged completely without any damage or scratches; and the product serial number (if any) must match the information on the invoice. Mobile phones and tablets also require an inspection paper stamped by the official maintenance department to prove that there is no human damage.
  • This return and exchange guarantee does not apply if the product requires a return due to price fluctuations in the market, limited-time discount price changes, or/or software problems.

    If the product purchased by the customer does not meet the needs or is not suitable, our company will handle it for the customer as appropriate:

    (a) Before shipment, we may change the product model or brand of goods for customers at our discretion;

    (b) After delivery and the product package has not been opened, we can change the product model or brand of the product to the customer at our discretion, but the customer needs to pay the price difference and shipping fee of the product.

    (c) After delivery and the product packaging has been opened, the return or exchange guarantee does not apply.

    This replacement guarantee does not apply to:

    • Goods damaged due to accidental or negligent use or improper use;
    • The screen is dusty, has bright spots/light spots/dead spots, or the backlight of the e-ink screen is uneven;
    • Random Accessories;
    • Products without relevant invoices or/and receipts or/and without a completed warranty form;
    • Products with damaged or/and scratched marks;
    • Products that have been registered for maintenance;
    • If you encounter problems with wireless connection or APP operation, customers must directly contact the brand or agent for follow-up. Due to the large number of products and the complicated connection methods and device combinations, our company's frontline staff are unable to test whether the quality of the products meets production standards. Common situations include: router signal is not strong enough, Bluetooth headsets cannot be paired, APP cannot control products, etc.;


  • All items sold are non-refundable except in the case of replacement coverage as stated above.
  • Products are subject to price fluctuations, and the selling price is subject to the moment the order is placed. If there are subsequent price adjustments or promotions, the price difference will not be refunded.
  • If a customer transfers money by mistake, the excess amount can only be converted into points for use in the next purchase. If the customer insists on a refund.
  • If the customer applies for a refund for individual reasons after paying the order, due to administrative costs, an administrative fee of $50 or 2% of the product will be charged each time, whichever is higher.
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