Future Lab COLD WHITE Cold Light White Teeth Electric Toothbrush [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
With the cleaning power of a dentist, it can easily remove dirt and tartar that are difficult to remove with a regular toothbrush. Medical-grade polishing effect helps you whiten your teeth while brushing UV sterilization and whitening cap emits ultraviolet...
Future Lab - Stermidi Aird Sterilizing Dehumidifier - Black/Steel Gray [Licensed in Hong Kong]
FutureLab. Exclusively developed this Stermidi sterilizing dehumidifier in Taiwan’s humid weather. It can dehumidify with one click. The air can prevent moisture, mildew, and sterilization! Chip refrigeration technology saves energy, requires no consumables, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has low energy...
$489.00 $430.00
Future Lab Nion 2 Water Ion Perming Comb (Second Generation) - Special Limited Color - Lavender Purple [Hong Kong Licensed]
Water ion perm comb 2.0 has a new built-in styling clip that can be used to target local hair styles🙎🏻‍♂️ to achieve the most precise styling. Compared with the first generation of negative ions, 2.0 is equipped with left water...
$359.00 $319.00
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XPower XPowerPro MG9 Mini Hot and Cold Cordless Massage Gun [Licensed in Hong Kong]
MG9 mini hot and cold wireless massage gun •5 types of massage heads, suitable for different parts of the body •New hot and cold massage head, which can reduce pain with cold compress and increase blood circulation with hot compress...
$499.00 $428.00
Evapolar EvaChill EV-500 Third Generation Small Personal Mobile Air Conditioner - White [Licensed in Hong Kong]
The third generation of Evapolar small mobile air conditioner is a smart, compact, portable, wireless and movable energy-saving air conditioner plus air freshener! The air conditioner uses the principle of natural evaporative cooling to evaporate water into water vapor, so...
$699.00 $598.00
Japan Yohome Intelligent Antioxidant and Hydrogen-Rich Health Care - Hydrogen-Rich Water Cup [Hong Kong Licensed]
1. Highly efficient hydrogen production, which can quickly produce hydrogen with a concentration of more than 3,000 ppb in 10 minutes. Drinking water every day while supplementing a large amount of hydrogen molecules can help remove free radicals in the...
Sold Out
HAYAKU Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Automatic Turbine Washer|Smart dishwashing and laundry [Hong Kong licensed]
Detailed introduction: 30 minutes of intelligent cleaning, automatic power off Switch the direction of rotation every 15 seconds. Clean stains from multiple angles 24W high power speed Four different washing modes can be switched Ultrasonic high-frequency technology vibrates away deep-seated...
$299.00 $249.00
BREO Scalp Mini Pro Scalp Massager [Hong Kong licensed]
Aerospace carbon fiber texture, luxury-grade craftsmanship. 96 massage contacts, 4 wheels of kneading, and 850mm infrared light wave activation, deeply stimulating scalp cell vitality, stabilizing hair roots, effectively relaxing and soothing tired muscles, and promoting metabolism and blood circulation. 7...
Future Lab - Stermidi Aird Sterilizing Dehumidifier - Special Edition [Licensed in Hong Kong]
FutureLab. Exclusively developed this Stermidi sterilizing dehumidifier in Taiwan’s humid weather. It can dehumidify with one click. The air can prevent moisture, mildew, and sterilization! Chip refrigeration technology saves energy, requires no consumables, is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, has low energy...
$489.00 $430.00
Yohome Japan's 4D all-round purification DC circulation fan [Hong Kong licensed]
Function introduction: The first plasma purifying air circulation fan brings you a 360° all-round healthy and cool wind experience! feature of product 12 wind speeds + 3 blowing modes: general wind, natural wind, and sleep wind to meet the temperature...
$488.00 $399.00
PowLord C4 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: **In stock Maximum 25W output Phone 15w | Headset 5w | iWatch 3w +Qc3.0 USB out Compatible with 99% QI wireless charging products Corresponds to wireless charging of Airpods or headphones A QC 3.0 fire bull is included...
Booster Microbot Super Mini Head Warming Massage Gun [Licensed in Hong Kong] - black
【Features】 ⭐ The entire body is only 132mm long, 24mm shorter than iPhone 13 Pro (11mm shorter than the old Pokebot) ⭐ Floating motor suspension and double-bearing transmission structure make it quieter during use ⭐ Made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy...
Yohome Japan's removable inhalation electric shock powerful mosquito killer machine mosquito killer lamp white [Hong Kong licensed]
Using 395nm intelligent light wave, it can trap male and female mosquitoes with different frequency and kill them with strong suction force. High electric shock, strong suction and fatal electric shock, leaving mosquitoes with nowhere to escape Turbo strong suction...
$258.00 $199.00
XIAOMI 米家 人體傳感器 [香港行貨]
Future Lab Absolute Pure A1 direct drinking water filter [Hong Kong licensed]
FutureLab - AbsolutePure A1 Direct Drinking Water Filter. The independent four-layer filter element removes impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, odors and disinfects in one step, so you can drink the cleanest drinking water. It only takes 5 seconds to complete the...
$599.00 $509.00
Eufy Video Doorbell Dual 2K Dual Camera 2K Wireless Doorbell-E8213G11 [Hong Kong Licensed]
feature of product • 2K sensor combined with HDR technology provides full body and clear images of visitors • Dual-lens technology eliminates blind spots and provides full-body images in front of the door • Dual motion sensors distinguish distant and...
$2,399.00 $1,998.00
XPower WLS6 4in1 15W multi-function wireless charger [Hong Kong licensed]
Detailed introduction: Maximum 15W output, charging 4 devices at the same time; Qi 15W wireless fast charging, supports wireless charging of iPhone12, Galaxy S2, etc.; supports charging of Apple Watch and AirPods 2/AirPods Pro; equipped with USB output (5V/1A); double...
$288.00 $199.00
BREO INeck 3 Pro Massager [Licensed in Hong Kong]
Detailed introduction: Simple and portable, three-dimensional ring-neck massage, 200-degree ring-neck relaxation and enjoyment, simulated human finger pressure, constant temperature hot compress, intelligent high-tech design The innovative 3D ring-neck massage design of iNeck 3Pro brings you a one-stop massage targeted at...
$1,980.00 $1,599.00
BREO iSee M Eye Massager [Licensed in Hong Kong]
As a brand new member of the iSee family, iSee M brings you a customized massage experience with a foldable and portable body. The APP's newly designed smart massage air bag combines with comfortable constant temperature hot compress to fully...
$1,242.00 $1,128.00
Xiaomi Mijia Cordless Vacuum Cleaner G10 BHR4308HK [Licensed in Hong Kong]
150AW super suction TFT display screen, the status is clearly visible. Integrated sweeping and mopping magnetic suction water tank. Upgraded 12-cone cyclone separation system. 65-minute long battery life. HEPA filter element. Power consumption (watts) Under 600 watts Brush (accessories) have...
Xiaomi Air Purifier 4 BHR5101EN [Hong Kong licensed]
400m3/h particulate matter CADR, super purification power 2. Releases negative ions to help purify the air OLED touch screen, air quality is clear at a glance Detachable air outlet hood, easy to clean 3-layer purification, efficient removal of PM2.5, formaldehyde,...
Xigmatek Apex (Single Motor) Electric Adjustable Lift Gaming Desk-GD-APEXSMB [Licensed in Hong Kong]
feature of product: Electric height adjustable 75~120cm Single motor motor, load capacity 100 KGS High performance rising speed 25mm/second 4 smart control panels with buttons to store custom height settings High quality heavy duty steel frame P2 level SGS certified...
VFORMULA Foldable Smart Thermostatic Puppy Massage Foot Bath [Licensed in Hong Kong] - 白
💡Constant temperature massage, 41℃ 43℃ 45℃ three temperature options (unique to remote control version) 💡Folding design, only 11.8cm high after folding 💡Foot hydrotherapy, bubble massage, unique infrared physiotherapy effect 💡DSP heating technology, water and electricity separation, safe foot bath 💡Independent...

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