The LaserPecker 4 engraver is a cutting-edge device that features both a 10W 450nm laser and a 2W 1064nm laser in its compact body. This dual-laser system significantly boosts the engraving speed up to an impressive 1200mm/s, allowing for swift and precise engraving on various surfaces. The LaserPecker 4 is designed for versatility and functionality, offering users the ability to seamlessly switch between the two laser sources to create intricate patterns on almost all materials.

Laserpecker 4 Laser engraver


This portable dual-laser engraver is suitable for personal DIY crafts, bulk commercial products, and is applicable for use on a wide range of materials. With its larger engraving area, smart LED touch screen, and easy-to-use multifunction features, the LaserPecker 4 is the most accurate, powerful, and fastest LaserPecker model ever created. Whether you are looking to create art, start a small business, or bring your creative ideas to life, the LaserPecker 4 provides unmatched portability and functionality to unleash your creativity anytime, anywhere.


How to use Laserpecker 4

The machine is very easy to use. To use the LaserPecker 4 engraver, follow these steps:


  1. Unbox the LaserPecker 4.
  2. Identify and assemble the basic components.
  3. The LaserPecker 4 features a 10W 450nm laser and a 2W 1064nm laser.
  4. You can engrave materials like wood by switching between the two laser sources.
  5. The engraving speed can reach up to 1200mm/s.
  6. Create your desired patterns on any surface with a single swipe using the LaserPecker 4.


These steps will guide you on how to effectively utilize the LaserPecker 4 engraver for engraving purposes.

Should you buy the LP 4 engraver?

The LaserPecker 4 engraver is worth buying as it is a powerful machine with dual laser configuration, allowing for a wide range of materials to be engraved. It costs $1,999 / £1,552 via the LaserPecker website, making it well-priced for a mid-range, compact laser engraver. The device features a 450nm diode laser and a 1064nm infrared laser, providing versatility in engraving on almost any material. The LaserPecker 4 also offers two laser light sources – a 10W diode and a 2W pulsed fiber laser, making it more powerful than its predecessor, the LaserPecker 3. This engraver is suitable for individuals looking for a compact and portable engraving solution with enhanced capabilities and a larger engraving area. This indicates that the machine is worth the investment.

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