What is a TV box? The simplest explanation is: It is a miniature device. As long as it is connected to the Internet and HDMI cable, you can watch different TV channels and TV series.

Here are our two best-selling brands: Ambo VS EVPAD




【feature of product】
Perfect interpretation of 6K high image quality 4GB flash memory + 64GB memory 2.4G/5G dual-band WIFI
New high-quality UI interface design Smart Bluetooth AI voice system

EVPAD 6P 6K 4+64GB Smart Voice TV Box



1. Live TV channel: explains the channel name, jumps quickly, and also supports channel voice switching.

2. On-demand: You can choose one-sentence movies from all over the Internet;
3. TV comments: global TV program voice comments;
4. Software download: Voice download TV application software;

5. Music/Songs: Find songs by voice, request songs, support Youtube & KTV and other mainstream songs;



Coming to the most critical question. Which one is better:

1: Price: Anbosheng

Review: Ambo 1080 vs EVPAD. 6P for $1220

2: Installation: Ambo

The installation of Ambo is relatively easy. The current box will not preload any APPS when it is powered on. Guests need to do it once to start the installation. Installation of both is very simple. But Amber is the easiest.

Anbo only needs to go to the application market and download all UB APPS. For EVPAD, you need to use REMOTE to enter 6868

3: TV channel: An Bosheng

Ambo is one of the boxes with the most TV channels, with as many as 2,000 TV channels. And EVPAD only has about 1,000

4: Image quality: EVPAD wins

The picture quality of TV channels is similar to that of EVPAD, but the picture quality of TV series and movies is much superior to EVPAD. EVPAD has a certain number of 4K movies, while most of Amber's movies are only of DVD quality, and TV series. The picture quality of EVPAD is much better

5: Sports Channel: EVPAD wins

Sports channels are EVPAD’s strengths. EVPAD not only has sports channel APPS, but also in terms of connection quality, after many days of testing by the editor, EVPAD is much smoother when it comes to watching live broadcasts. The pictures on Ambo’s wave viewing are not up to standard, and they sometimes lag. It's just that it's visible

6: Stability: Ambo

Amber is very stable. Most customers' Ambo boxes can basically be replaced for 4-5 years. As for EVPAD, it’s not that its quality is bad, but it has been verified by many parties. When a new version of EVPAD is launched, the content of EVPAD will be given priority to customers of the new version, so customers who get EVPAD may have some built-in programs in 1-2 years. Suddenly unable to watch. This may be a reason why the connection quality of EVPAD is better than that of Ambo

Summary: Based on the quality when it is newly turned on, EVPAD is clearly superior to Ambo, especially in terms of connection quality and video quality. But the advantage of Anbo is that it is in a flat location and you can see everything. It's not the best, but it's acceptable and has a long enough lifespan that you can play with it for a long time. EVPAD will have less and less content to watch in 2-3 years

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