What is the difference between LaserPecker 4 and LaserPecker 2 & 3?
LaserPecker 4 not only integrates two light sources but also increases the wattage and more power. LP2 is a 5W blue light, LP 3 is a 1W pulsed fiber laser, but LP4 is combined 10W bluelight and 2W pulsed laser. Also, the engraving area of LP4 is larger, LP2 basic model working area is 100mm*100mm, LP3 is 60mm*90mm. The cutting thickness of LP4 is also larger, LP2<5mm, LP4<8mm.
What is the working area of LaserPecker 4?
Minimum to 0.1*0.1mm, maximum is 160*120mm, and can be expanded to 160*300mm with a slide extension.
What is the input and output watt of LaserPecker 4?
The input power is 24V 5A 120W, the output power is 1064nm light source with 2W (peak power 20KW), and 450nm light source is with 10W.
Is LaserPecker 4 able to cut and engrave at the same time?
Yes, the new LaserPecker App has layer function, users can set different parameters (power, depth, etc.) for different layers, one layer can set with engraving and the other one set with cutting to achieve simultaneous engraving and cutting.
How do you switch the light source and will you set the light source according to the selected material?
The light source can be manually switched in the laser head, you can also switch within the App, selected material will match with the light source automatically.
Is the LP4 capable of lasering colors in stainless steel?
The principle of stainless steel engraving color is that stainless steel will show different colors at different temperatures. The 450nm 10W blue light continuous engraving will raise the temperature of stainless steel to achieve color change, but the color is not controllable.
Is it really sharp over the whole engraving area? Even edges close to the engraving limit?
Yes, accuracy can be guaranteed
Will this etch metal or only mark metal?
It can do either etch or mark on metal, increase the number of engraving (multi-pass) can achieve the etch, engraving depth is within 0.1mm.
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